Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"There is Nothing Good About Getting Old"

I kept waking up last night and noticing that my arm was really sore. I could barely pick up my pillow.

When I got up this morning, it was still sore. I was getting a little worried, wondering if I was having the first signs of some dreadful muscle deterioration disease.

While sipping my coffee, it suddenly hit me…

Baton twirling!

I only played around with the baton for a short time the night before. I was totally shocked that my muscles could be that sore.

I don’t remember that flipping a little baton through the fingers was all that strenuous!

My boss, who is twenty years my senior, has been saying, "There is nothing good about getting old." I am beginning to see where he's coming from.

The most strenuous thing I plan to do this afternoon is lift this glass of White Zin from these branches to my lips!

I got my nails done after work today. I picked a pink color and thought it looked like it was a good match to one of my pink jackets. Hmmm.......not bad....I think I will wear the jacket and carry this tote to work tomorrow.


  1. Zoey...sounds like you found the perfect cure for the sore muscles..love the pink..

  2. Getting old is a bitch!I know, I'm there.

    I don't know which I like the best, pink nails or white zin!!!

  3. I'm liking all the pink:)
    Be careful of those sore muscles..

  4. I guess your majorette days are over..lol...take care!


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