Saturday, January 24, 2009

Was it the Sauerkraut?

I think Suzy is right about the luck that will be bestowed upon those eating kraut at the new year. Two lucky things happened to me yesterday.

I won a beautiful rooster bowl from Laurie at Bargain Hunting with Laurie. As you all know I am a chicken/rooster collector from way back so I was thrilled to win her giveaway. Click this sentence to see the rooster bowl. I just recently discovered Laurie's blog. We share a table setting/ dish collecting hobby. So a big thank you to Laurie and her husband, who was the one who drew my name. Laurie has a fun style of writing and sharing the bargains she has discovered. If you are out surfing, please pay her a visit. I think you will enjoy her blog.

Some of you have been to my tablescaping blog where I indulge in my passion for setting tables. There has been just a tiny little following for that blog. Lately I have had the urge to set tables so I have been putting a lot more time into posting there.

Yesterday I went to check its stats and holy cow, I had 3,080 visitors yesterday and already today 1,573! Whoaa, where are they all coming from!? I started to read some comments and people were congratulating me for being a "Blog of Note". I vaguely remembered seeing that phrase someplace. Finally I remembered where--at the Blogger dashboard. They had selected my lowly little blog as a blog of the day! I have no idea how they are selected (probably just a random thing), but I must admit I was pretty thrilled to see Tablescaping as the first selection for the day.

So go eat some sauerkraut. I am running out to buy lottery tickets before my kraut luck runs out!


  1. You have certainly been busy cooking. Every thing sounds wonderful. Congrats on being the blog of the day! Jean

  2. Wow! That's a lot of visitors in one day :)
    I always enjoy your tablescapes and am glad to hear that others have had a chance to see them too!

  3. Oh my goodness-congrats for winning the rooster bowl and being named blog of the day! Things happen in 3s, so I hope you ran out and bought a lottery ticket (or two)also!

  4. I found you via my dashboard also. I wonder how they go about selecting the blogs of note?

    I see in your "About Me" that you have deer problems; tried hellebores yet? And they don't require much light.

    My wife made her first batch of homemade sauerkraut this past growing season. It was delicious. I'm still waiting on my luck to change (I'm unemployed).

  5. Zoey~
    I so happy that you're having such good luck!
    The rooster bowl is lovely and you are very popular these days!

  6. I am needing me some sauerkraut... great site. Congrats!

  7. talent and luck, magical


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