Monday, January 26, 2009

Now That's a Lovely Bunch of Fond

What is fond?
It's a French cooking term that is pronounced just like the baby deer, fawn.

from Wikopedia:
In cooking, fond (French "base") refers to the browned and caramelized bits of meat stuck to the bottom of a skillet after cooking a piece of meat. The fond is the base of many classic pan sauces.

Forgive me if I have shared this little tidbit with you before. After over four years of blogging, I can't remember everything I have posted about. I just find it interesting to learn that there are actually names for those things in life that we never considered had a name.
I have been overwhelmed with the visitors to my other blog. Since Friday I have had almost 20,000 visitors! Only about 200 have commented....did I say "only"? LOL. How do all of you who get tons of comments keep up with them all? I like to acknowledge those that take the time to leave a comment, but I barely have time to read all of them.
So if anyone here has not been acknowledged, please forgive me. I am just not used to all of this attention! Please know that I do appreciate each and every reader, whether you comment or not.

It's still very cold here (11 below when I got to work this morning). At least we didn't get any more snow today. Can you believe that it's the last week of January already? The tulips will be coming up before we know it.


  1. I learned something today! I thought they were just pan drippings :)

  2. I'm impressed that you even acknowledge the comments at all, actually. You're better than I am. Maybe I should do better with that- you've inspired me. But I don't have any really interesting blog anyway with lots of comments- mine is mainly personal friends and acquaintances that I've known outside of the cyber world. Anyway- thanks for the tidbit- fond, huh? I probably won't ever use that...vocabulary usually doesn't sink in as much as I'd like it did as a writer. :)

  3. I always called them browned bits too. :)

    Wow! That's a lot of visitors. I think it's great that other people are discovering your fabulous blogs. I hope they stick around, but your regular readers are all still here.

  4. BRRRRRRR!!!! That's cold.
    Isn't that deglazing the pan too? Thanks for the cooking lesson.

  5. I guess deglazing is what you do with the fond.
    : )

  6. Never, never waste a good fond! It makes such scrumptious sauces! Add a bit of wine, some herbs and a pat of butter and you've got yourself a sauce that everyone will rave over.

  7. It's always been pan drippings until now but maybe I can impress someone with a new word!! grin
    Wow Zoey that is quite the number of new visitors!

  8. Susie, They were always pan drippings to me, too. Now I think I will toss in the "fond" now and then just to see what reaction I get.

    Dani & Jimmy, I would be so happy if I have inspired you to acknowledge comments. I really feel so much better when other acknowledge my comment. I try, but I am not always successful.

    Chopsticks, you are so kind. I treasure my handful of original readers and would really miss all of you if you totally disappeared.

    Dianne, Exactly! Deglazing is bring the fond up from the bottom to make a sauce.

    Giddy, I bet you already knew this word.

    Betty, I can just see you saying something like, "Isn't that a lovely bunch of fond?" and seeing the face of ther people next to you as they say, "huh?". LOL. We must take fun where we find it.

  9. I'm French and I never realized they call it Fond! lol Of course I know that fond means bottom but just never knew they also used it for the pan drippings. See, I learn something new every day! hehe Oh dear, I haven't checked out your other blog yet, I'm always soooo behind. Will go check it out now:-) xoxo


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