Thursday, January 15, 2009

Life is too Short to use a Plastic Food Bag for Makeup & Follower Musings

For years this is what I have been toting my makeup in--a zip lock bag. Why would I use a grungy old plastic bag when I have a perfectly wonderful Samsonite make up bag that came with my luggage two years ago?

What am I saving it for? (It looks very large but it gets folded in half once you put everything in it)

Well, I am done saving it. I shall now be toting my paltry little makeup necessities in grand style. Now I won't have to remember to slip the plastic bag back into my suitcase before the hotel cleaning lady comes into my room.

How many of you are into this follower blog thing?

I find it much easier just to visit from my side bar. I only followed one blog, but I never even looked at the bottom of the dashboard to find an update. It's easier to follow from my sidebar, (so please don't feel offended that I stopped following).

I find the whole thing much like high schools girls in a popularity contest. I have been appalled at the blatant attempts I've recently seen to get people to follow a blog. . . the worst was a giveaway that only included those who signed up to follow the blog! What a turn off. Is it just me or do others feel the same way? What's the difference between followers and blog rolls? Maybe I am missing the whole point.


  1. Hi Zoey... I don't get the following/followers either.. I thought it was just me...but sinc I have been only been blogging a month I posted and asked!

    The dashboard doesn't help me any...and the blog list on the sidebar was too distracting for me. I am finding google reader to be what I need. I can read many of the blogs from there..and if I want to comment I can easily go to the blog.

    I missed the giveaway that was only for followers... that does sound a little much...and YES does sound like high school!

    I enjoy all your blogs..this one, tablescaping, and deck-orate. I hope when the weather starts to warm you will post more on your deck blog. I love the quilts you put out there...have you decided on a color scheme for this year..or will it be the same? And your tablescaping...would you believe I wandered into the fabric section the other day and actually looked at fabric to use...because of your post?

  2. I feel bad that a lot of people don't post the blogs they check out to give those bloggers some hits (though some don't need the hits). You use to have a list, but now I guess you only see other Blogger updates. I know you stop by plenty, thanks. : )
    I've been rethinking blogging-thanks for your comments. I did have fun answering the Thunk Thursday questions. My one friend got a little snippy with me about what I wrote. She had a giveaway on her blog the same time I did, I got 14 comments, she got over 100. She's more into the cross stitch community-I try to be in a bunch of things. Said she wasn't interested in memes and quizzes, so wouldn't stop by as much,though I've seen them on her blog too.

  3. I stick to the tried and true bloglines. It highlights what blogs are upadated so it saves me some time surfing around.

  4. I use bloglines too because then I don't waste time when the blogs aren't updated. Seems my sidebar list always needed updating so I removed it and just have my family listed. I hate all these gimmicks to get more readers but I do like to join some memes just for fun. On another note, I'm bad about saving things also. I don't know what I'm saving for! Time to use what you have. Jean

  5. I only have time to follow a few blogs, so I really like bloglines which shows when a blog I like to follow has posted something new.

  6. Susan,
    I haven't looked into google reader yet. I am feeling pretty good that I may have inspired you to use fabric for a tablecloth! Sharing ideas is the whole reason I read blogs, so I am always glad to hear that someone found one of mine worthwhile.

    Dianne, I still have the bloglist. I just eliminated those who stopped blogging on a regular basis and I added the feature to show when they were updated. I must say that I love that new feature!

    Dawn, Jean, Giddy,
    Bloglines is what I started out with, but I NEVER went there to see when someone updated. I used it only because it was the only way I knew to get a blog on my sidebar. I always just went to the sidebar and visited the blog to see if it updated. Since I don't have that many blogs there, it was easy to do.

    Now I figured out how to add a blog from the new blogger so I quit using bloglines.

    I guess it just depends on what you are used to and how many blogs you follow. I can see where the follower thing is easy because all I had to do was click on a link for the blog I followed and everything was done for me. If I followed dozens of blogs that might be the easiest way to go.

  7. Oh-there I am! I see my updated post-dah! ; )

  8. Hi Zoey:-)

    I've been putting my makeup and stuff in a plastic bag when I travel...guess I need to get myself a proper little travel bag for it! lol

    The only way I follow blogs is through my Bloglines. I have clicked on "Follow This Blog" on many blogs but I never go to my dashboard to see the list! lol I've been visiting everyone through Bloglines for a couple of years now and am quite happy with it.

    Hope your weekend is going well! The frigid temps seems to have broken, thank goodness!! xoxo


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