Sunday, July 17, 2005

Magical Change

Do you remember the bright orange poppy area I posted in early June? Click here to refresh your memory. Then look below to see this same area this morning. It is now totally different - all pastels, silver, pink and white (you can't see the silver Artemisia in this pic). This area gets no extra water or care. I just cut down the poppies and it turns to this all on its own
(I might pull an occasional weed or two).

Aren't perennials wonderful?


  1. That's just great. I love the fact that it was one thing one season and then's something totally different now. I think that that's amazing. Great job.


  2. Thank you, taracotta. I am happy with this little area. It pretty much takes care of itself and changes three times each season (during the fall, it will change to mostly yellow and pink)


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