Sunday, September 1, 2013

Black Varnish Pseuderanthemum--common name: Chocolate Plant

I finally found the name of my mystery plant! 

After a Sunday morning-to-mid-afternoon full of heavy garden work, I was sitting on the deck perusing a small stack of old garden magazines.  I opened a Garden Design mag from 2008 and immediately saw this photo:

I think I made some sort of noise as DH looked over at me to see what was up.  "I knew I would eventually find it!" I exclaimed to his questioning look.
"Find what?"
  "The rubbery black plant in my container!". 
 He still looked puzzled. 
I explained how nobody on my blog knew what this plant was and I have been Googling terms like "black leathery plant" for months trying to find out what it was.  I finally have the answer:

Here it is on my deck (lower left):

Once I had the name, I found some info on the net.  As I suspected it's perennial in warmer climates

I love the color. I doubt if I will find it for sale in my town for years to come.   For those of us who love dark-foliage, it's a pretty unique container plant. As much as I dislike trying to overwinter plants indoors, I am going to give this one a try. 

Wouldn't it would look great planted underneath this canna lily with the dark striped leaves?

I wish I had purchased a few more!


  1. don't you just love finding answers like that...pretty photos

  2. That is an awesome plant! Really stands out and love the shininess of it too.

    1. Thanks, Dianne. I like it, too! :)

  3. Isn't it great when you find something on line like that? Now if I could just find a pattern back that I saw last week for paper piece construction equipment.

    Did I mention I love chocolate!

  4. Hooray, mystery solved! I've still never heard of it. :-)


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