Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Working Weekend at Home

I feel so good about all the work we completed this weekend. Our biggest project was removing all the shutters and repainting them.
This took most of the day today as I had to put at least four thin coats of paint on each shutter.  We do this about every five years.  As soon as I finish this post, we will go out and rehang them.

On Saturday I showed DH how to make chicken pot pies. We had to clean  all the veggies, cook them to the al dente stage,  then cook the chicken breasts, cut everything into bite-sized pieces, make a roux, and do all the clean up.  We used puff pastry so we did not have to make pie crust.   We had two for dinner (very tasty!) and froze enough for three meals later this winter.  I don't think he will ever make them on his own...he thinks they require too much work! :)  Imagine what he would think if he had to make the pie crust, too!   He just took over the cooking duties in May--grilling season. He has done a great job of grilling  all summer, but he has no idea how much effort it takes to cook winter meals. 

I am feeling autumn in the air and decided to take this lantern
and turn it into a fall display.  This is what I ended up with Saturday morning:
It was a quick fun project and goes nicely on this table under my sailboat oil painting.

I also did something with this bird cage picture holder that I bought during one of my 5:00 am shopping sprees two weeks ago. When it was delivered Saturday afternoon, I wondered whatever possessed me to buy this--I really have no pictures that I want to put on it....I did not even know where I would hang it!  The picture is misleading as it only came with 4 clothes pins.

As it turned out, I did not even use the clothes pins. I will show you on another post what I ended up doing with it.

I hope you all had a wonderful late summer weekend!


  1. Zoey- I LOVE your shutter color. They look great! Your sweet lantern looks wonderful with that painting, too. Hope you have a great Sunday afternoon. Are you watching the football game? xo Diana

  2. Hi Diana,
    No football for me...too darn busy hauling shutters for DH to hang. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. You have been a busy bee. We took our shutters down a few weeks ago to paint them. I usually have the job to do it and it takes so long. Hubby got a paint gun this year and it took him no time to do it.

    1. Betty, When my finger got sore from pushing the paint nozzle, I was wishing I had a paint gun!

  4. My goodness you are productive! Doesn't it feel good to get so many projects underway and done? I'll want to see what you did with your impulse birdcage purchase . . .

    Love the soft pink Autumn Joy sedums. They are used everywhere, but for good reason, they are so reliably pretty in early fall. MIne are coloring like yours from your previous post, but you have such a nice big stand of them going!

    1. Hi Laurrie,
      Yes, it did feel good! I will show you the bird cage project soon. :)

  5. love the color of your Mom loves Chicken pot pies....she makes good ones too...

  6. The shutters are a lovely color. Know it's nice to get those kinds of projects over with though. The lantern looks lovely, great job on that.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  7. Are your shutters plastic? We have plastic and I think they need a coat of paint too! They are dirty and faded. My hubby doesn't take that much of an interest in the house anymore. :(
    Brian can't stand chicken pot pie as his mom had it almost every week growing up. I think it's a lot of work too.


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