Monday, October 1, 2012

New Shrubs/Grasses to Plant

I have had such a busy week and this week looks like it will be the same. I like to be busy, but not too busy. I am sure you all know what I mean.

Anyway, thanks for the comments last week.  I read and appreciated every one even if I did not email you to say so. 

Today I went right from work to Home Depot where I found some great bargain shrubs/grasses. 
I am posting pics of the labels of all of them. This is for my own benefit.  Next year when I wonder what I planted, I can look back here and find out.

The tallest grass is switch grass:

 I am very excited about this lilac shrub, Miss Kim:
 I love fountain grass in my summer containers. This perennial version looks beautiful in the name tag.

 I bought two of these dwarf  Midnight Wine Weigela.
If any of you have any of these plants, I would love to hear what you think about them. I probably won't plant them until the weekend, so if you have any suggestions on companion plants, I would love to hear that, too.


  1. I don't have any of them. I do have a couple of the very dwarf Weigela Dark Horse which I really like. Hope they make it after removing the bed they were in and transplanting them. So far so good. Just so you know they leaf out a little later in the Spring than most of the others, but only by a few weeks as I recall. The flowers are lovely on mine also. Looks like some good choices of plants you picked out.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. good for you..hope it slows down soon...

  3. Nice finds! That fountain grass will spread... I should be cutting off the tops of mine now before they seed. Containers will be fine, just don't let the seeds blow around.
    The lilac will be pretty too!

  4. Hi Zoey,

    I have Panicum Ruby Ribbons, Shenandoah and Northwind. Hamelin is a very nice grass, compact, does not really reseed, I leave up all winter.

    I just recommended Midnight Wine to a friend, low growing, can be used as a hedge, only 12" tall.

    You have chosen some great plants!


  5. Love the look of all those plants you found at a bargain price! I haven't had a chance to go look for any around here but then I really have no more room for any more plants! lol

    Hope you're enjoying some gorgeous days like we are over here, hard to believe it's October, still wearing shorts! xoxo

  6. I don't have any of those. But I would like the lilac shrub!

  7. I had a Miss Kim. It was a lovely little bush. Hope she performs for you!

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