Sunday, October 7, 2012

Poorly Planned Burning Bush Planting

In 2010 I moved this huge burning bush from the front yard to the rockwall garden. 
As usual I was moving plants on the spur-of-the-moment and did not even realize that I had placed it directly behind this cherry tree.  From the side where I was standing, it appeared to be the perfect spot.  Once I walked around to the front, I knew I had made a big mistake.  It takes a lot of work to move this one, so I just left it.  It's been bugging me ever since. You can see that the color is not nearly as vibrant as the one to the right, which gets plenty of sun.

Today, DH put in a ton of muscle power to dig this huge planting hole through hard, rocky soil

 so that I could move this shurb again.  This is the area where we put it:

Did you know that golden privet turns purple in the fall and even has purple berries?
Here is the same shrub in the summer:
It's a lovely bright chartreuse color. I do enjoy shrubs that have a dramatic seasonal color change.

Here is a view of the newly planted burning bush from the back of this privet shrub with a backdrop of orange maple tree leaves:

In this view you can see the other two burning bushes in the rockwall garden where it used to live.

 I am hoping that next year it will survive and turn the same vibrant red as the others.

Here it is looking through lavender seed heads from the garden directly across the grass path:

In addition to moving this monster shrub, we spent a  few more hours digging, hauling heavy furniture to the basement, etc.

When we went outside at 9:00 a.m. everything was covered in a light sheet of ice! It got down to 28 degrees last night.

Ice on the top of the potting bench:
 the top of the glass table:
and frozen droplets on the chair back:
It was only cold for a short time as once we got moving, we warmed up pretty quickly.

Now we are both pooped and just relaxing as we await the chicken/potato stack dinner I have in the oven.

I hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Wasn't I just here to visit you?? lol What a good sport your hubby is to dig up that burning bush for you and move it elsewhere...I do think it looks a lot better in it's new home:)

    We had frost this morning and everything was iced up too. It never went higher than 43 today but at least the sun was shining!! xox

  2. That is a big bush to move. You must do a super good job digging enough roots for it to survive. I'd hate to even attempt it. They do look nice there with all that other color around them.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. brrr now that is cold...a lot of hard work digging...

  4. It has been so hot here... I would have thought for sure we would have had a frost by now. But I can't complain about more tomatoes!

    Lots of water will keep the burning bush alive and well. I had to dig up several plants in the middle of summer this year. Deep and regular watering kept the plants alive but it was a huge commitment on my part.

  5. Location, location...that burning bush is in the perfect spot now. It must have been a job moving it...Your dinner sounds delish.

  6. The burning bush does look nice in it's new location.
    And's a bit warmer here-about 48. I still have to clean up the yard.
    Keep warm!

  7. Your husband has the patience of Jobe!

    We have had frost the past 3 mornings, I had to bring in my BLOOMING rain lilies! If perhaps it gets warm again, I will set them out for a few days.

  8. Thanks a million for posting the pictures of golden privet's fall color. Few seem to pay attention to the great, elegant purples and blacks that privet delivers (late winter here in southern new england) when everything else is sleeping.


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