Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Sweets for My Sweetie

Happy Valentine's Day!

I  spent a lot of  my weekend  in the kitchen. Strawberries looked good when DH was shopping, so I made spinach/strawberry salad for Sunday lunch and then decorated these four berries  with
some leftover melting chocolate.  I just love the look of jumbo berries dipped in chocolate and nuts.  I guess you can tell that since I used them in my new header.  Each one got its own heart-shaped plate and was slowly devoured with every bite  enjoyed to the fullest.

I bought a new Wilton heart cutter--one of those big thick ones-- and decided to make boxed brownies to try it out.
I am not too thrilled with it, but I think it's because the brownies were under cooked and did not cut cleanly.  I threw away about half of them because they were too gooey in the center.

I also did a lot of sewing this weekend.  One of the items I made was a Dresden plate (name of the old quilt patten) placemat to go with my black and red dishes.  I do love designing table items to match my many sets of dishes.
 But instead of the black/red dishes,  I decided to use them with glass dishes so I could put one of my Vintage valentines under each plate.
That marshmallow stick on the top of the plate is cute, but it tasted awful! So bad it was inedible. So don't buy them if you see them marked down after the holiday. Well, buy them if you want to, I don't mean to tell you what to do, but I can't imagine that anybody could eat one of those--it was like chewing on a rubber tire.

Hope you all have a great Valentine's Day!


  1. Happy Valentines Day. Such a sweet post. Your berries look so yummy.

  2. What a great idea with the vintage valentines and I love your idea of cutting shapes out of brownies!


  3. Happy Valentine's Day, dear Zoey:-) Make sure you come over to pick up your Valentine!!

    I just love chocolate dipped the way you drizzled the chocolate and nuts on them and put them on heart shaped dishes, just perfect!! And leave it to you to come up with the idea of putting vintage valentines under the plates, love it!

    The placemats are so delightful as well. I'm telling you, you're a creative genius:-) xoxo

  4. I am with Pea. You are a genius! I always find my brownies firm up after 1 day. They are too gooey the first day!

  5. Beautiful Valentine's Day post!

  6. Happy Valentine's Day! Your strawberries do look delectable!
    I thought your new quilt circle was a fancy cake!
    I do love the vintage Valentine on the heart shaped plate.
    When I was in college, there was a company (probably local) called Rachel's Brownies. They were almost like eating brownie candy. I use to get them and they were good, but very rich. I don't know what happened to that company.

  7. I love the clear dishes on top of your placemat...great hearts day post...


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