Friday, February 18, 2011

It's a Sad Fact that This Excites Me

After work today I went to Staples and you will never guess what I picked up there.  One might think of something like copy paper, ink, etc. at an office store, but I found this:

Yup, it's a big orange micro fiber dusting mit.  Exciting, huh?  LOL.  I just finished dusting three rooms and this thing is fantastic!  The cuff is nice and tight so it does not fall off my hand. I just run my hand over flat surfaces, chandeliers, cabinets, etc. and all the dust sticks right to the mit.

I am probably the last person to discover these.  But in case I'm not and any of  you are wondering if they work, the answer is yes.  Now I can't vouch for how they work once you wash them.  I am assuming they will be good for a couple of washings and then you just toss them out and get a new one.  If anyone else knows, more, please leave a comment.

I do hope  my weekend consists of some activity a tad more exciting than dusting!

I also went to the fabric store to buy some solid color fabrics.  I have decided to make some wall art for my bare white hallway walls.  I am planning to make 4 or 5 mini quilts and frame them all in black frames.  They will all have black fabric and one polka dot fabric....those are the only rules.  Any other color is fair game.

I just whipped up a couple of 4-inch blocks to try out my first color choices. I like these colors, so this one will become my first piece of contemporary quilt art. It will be 2 feet high and 9 inches wide.  Right now it's only 4 inches high and 8 inches wide, so I have a bit more work to do.
I will show you the finished product once I get it done.


  1. cool find Zoey...hope you have a great weekend...

  2. I like the orange duster! I like anything that makes housework zip along! Good to see you piecing again - did you finish the snowmen? I'm thinking about a seahorse...

  3. I have a Staples by me and I will definitely look for this.


  4. I had to chuckle as it's the small, genius things that make us gals happy! Can you give it a good shake before needing to wash it? I have the static thing on a long handle. I happen to be in a fancy store that is Bri's paper client looking around and saw it and had to have it. I had the cheaper ones, but my chartreuse one is very fluffy and again has that long handle. I like to shake it out as night to watch the dust fly into the night-lol.
    Your quilting is nice-great colors!
    Have a relaxing weekend.

  5. I have heard that cannas are infected and some places will not even sell them until they bloom and they know if they have the infection. Have you heard anything? This could drive prices way up and make it hard to get good bulbs.
    I also read in Garden Gate that there is a new latin name for Bleeding Hearts. Diane

  6. What a cute little find..anything to make dusting more exciting:)

  7. Looks like a great cleaning idea to me! I hate dusting. It doesn't take much to excite me these days. I was excited this week to actually see some grass, until it snowed again! Jean


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