Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Books I ordered at 5:00 a.m.

I was up extra early this morning and I spent some time ordering books from my library.
I love being able to order books online. By early next week these books should begin arriving at my local library. They will call me and I will have three days to pick them up. You may have noticed that most of them are gardening books. It's that time of year.

The novel about Niagara Falls is one I read about when Heather reviewed it on her blog, Books and Quilts. It sounds like something I would enjoy, so I ordered it. There is no charge to use this service at my library.

The gardening books are what I call "skimmers". I mostly skim through and if a picture catches my eye, I will read more about it.   Skimming gardening books usually gets me in the mood for all the work I will have to do once the snow melts. It was in the 40' s again today, so maybe Punxsutawney Phil will be correct and we will have an early spring.


  1. It went up to 38F here today so woohoo, a heat wave! lol Supposed to go up in the 40's by the weekend so really looking forward to that.

    Great list of books you ordered from your library! Let me know what you think of the one about Niagara Falls. I had read the story online of the time the falls froze up and the time they stopped the water from flowing to do some repairs...that's when they apparently found cannon balls, guns, etc from the war of 1812!! I should try to get the book as well, no doubt it would make for interesting reading. xoxo

  2. Nice!
    I have a huge pile of novels to pick from that I've had forever! I also have about 3 books loaded on the Kindle to start. I finish one before I start another. And I have my own library of non-fiction-I never pay retail and have collected books since I've been 19.
    Have fun reading yours.

  3. Good for you, Zoey! You are so smart to do that. I love the P. Allen stuff.

  4. So thrilled to see the mention of The Day the Falls Stood Still here. There is a tiny bit about the narrator's mother's garden. Hopefully I didn't mess anything up. Please enjoy and let me know what you think of my debut novel.

    All best,



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