Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thanksgiving Decorating--still at it

It's not like I am spending a lot of time decorating for Thanksgiving. I showed you the banner I was working on last week.  That took a while to sew and figure out what to do with. But today's decorating took very little time. ( I sometimes wonder WHY I post pics of my humble abode for all to see.  It is nothing compared to the half-million dollar homes on the decorating blogs I surf each morning.)  I guess I feel that most of us do not live in those homes and some of you may  be interested in seeing real decorating in humble homes, like mine.

This pic shows where the cabinet is in relation to my family room and kitchen.

Basically if you walk through the dining room and turn right, you are in the family room.  Turn left and you are in the kitchen.
Today after work I wrapped some faux leaves and pine cones around this rooster on the opposite side of the dining room --

I love this rooster candle holder! I think I am the only person  who does. Nobody has ever commented that they liked this bird! I am talking about people who have seen this gorgeous fowl in real life (LOL). 

Anyway I embellished him with fall leaves and some pine cones.

  Then to balance it out,  I added a  some leaves, grapes and pine cones on the knob where you open the curio cabinet.

I wanted the curio to complement the china cabinet I showed you on Sunday. Here you see both of the  cabinets in my dining room:

They flank the entrance  to the family room.

It took me only about 15 minutes to do the curio after work today. I am now happy that both cabinets have a little Thanksgiving/Autumn decor.

I made some chicken noodle soup on Sunday.  I was stirring the bow-tie pasta in and it seemed like I needed more pasta. So I added more.........and then more..................When it finally was done---Whoa!, I had hardly any chicken broth! It was more like chicken/pasta stew!

DH says he likes it this way.  Personally, I like a little broth in my soup!


  1. I'm not a big fan of chicken noodle soup so I like the idea of lots of noodles and very little broth:)
    Our Thanksgiving happens in October so I've started decorating for Christmas.

  2. I love chicken noodle soup, in fact it is the only soup I love. I have done what you did because it didn't look like I had added enough noodles.

    You are way ahead of me decorating,but husband brought up a small faux tree from the basement and said the season had begun!


  3. We love bow-tie pasta cooked either in chicken or beef broth!

    You are way ahead of me decorating. I'm still trying to clean up my flower beds. today it was 76 degrees. But it's suppose to change a bunch by the weekend. The blacksmith is glad, deer season starts Saturday.

  4. I like your home decor because your personality shines through.
    You could have added some water to your soup. Try to keep the like chicken and beef bouillon cubes on hand. The noodles probably soaked up the broth-happened to me too.

  5. The holidays have arrived at Zoey's house !! I think your soup/stew looks good.

  6. You're very real and personable. Your home reflects your enthusiasm, unique skills and love of home and family. I return as often as I can to catch up and oftentimes get a bit of inspiration for my own home. Too often all the other blogs just look the same, hard to tell the difference. You're one of my favorites and I enjoy my visits and truly appreciate you sharing.


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