Friday, November 26, 2010

Naked Tree, Now What?

When I got home from work today, my sweet husband had the tree waiting for me fluff. I did a bit of fluffing, but that was it.
I am not feeling any decorating luv just yet.

For the past two years, I have been doing this tree in lime green/aqua. I really love it, but this year, I am ready for a change.
a drastic change.............I think I am going to do it in gingerbread men, candy and denim stockings. I went to the basement to find my bin of gingerbread men.
 I dug through and found my gumdrop garland...I even found some popcorn garland......I know I have a lot of other candy decorations...maybe I will use lime green balls.........or maybe I will not even end up using any of this.  My first plan was to use my Hallmark Santa ornaments...I could go back to that never knows with me.
As I think about  all the possibilities,  I am feeling a twinge of tree decorating luv...............I may work on it tomorrow while I cook my Thanksgiving turkey.......yes, I am cooking tomorrow. We already had a turkey dinner with DH's family, which was very nice, but I want to cook my own turkey.  So tomorrow afternoon I will be serving dinner for four.  I just finished my cranberry sauce...I like to make it from fresh cranberries.

I still have to make some wreaths, etc. with my fresh greenery.   I think I have a busy weekend ahead!

How many of you are going to do Christmas decorating this weekend?


  1. Zoey, your tree looks similar to mine, tall and thin. I have a tight spot to fit my tree into, so we gave away our really big one when we moved to this house.I have hundreds of ornaments from the children I have taught through the years, so as I put each one on, it is a trip down memory lane.

    Many of them have the childrens names on the back and some I just remember because of the type or ornament they are.


  2. Can I borrow your husband? I promise I won't keep him very long, as mine HATES to bring the tree up from the basement and put it up!

  3. Remember Zoey, my trees are done:) I don't decorate as much as I used to. Yes I am done. Wish I could say the same for shopping..
    Have baked a few kinds of cookies and will likely be baking more this weekend.

  4. No Christmas anything yet. I am trying to come up with a Christmas card design-well it's floating in my head. When I do that, I am more in the mood for decorating. I'm not sure what I will do-maybe go Victorian-I have about 4 different bins. Just trying to get my act together.
    Good for dh getting the tree up! I really like the autumn decor, so will hold off until early December.

  5. I'm contemplating putting up the tree this weekend, it has finally gotten cold in Arizona so I'm more in the mood to do the tree. Mine is a traditional red, gold, and white tree, all nine feet of it :0/ !


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