Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I am Skeptical--People Want to Pay me MONEY to Advertise on my Blog

What?  This makes no sense to me. Why would someone want to pay me $100 to advertise on my label of "Purple Flowers"?

Does anyone else get this stuff?

I am all for American Capitalism, but I think these emails are really spam. I ignore and delete them.  Am I being foolish?

I continue to see bloggers that I have read for the past few years, suddenly writing books, appearing on TV and probably making money.  I shake my head in awe, because I know they did not invent anything new --- sometimes they don't even post anything but memes and picures that someone else sends them! Oh, and a ton of giveaways that sponsors like C*S*N* stores give them for free because they have followers in the thousands. 

I really don't get it.

Many of you mentioned getting one for $1000--I got one of those this week, too!
It is amazing how many scammers are out they just waiting for a bite!


  1. Oh Zoey, I got an offer of $1,000 dollars! I did not answer it but it sounded fascinating.

    I think they are come ons but it sure sounded enticing.


  2. I get them all the time, I mark as spam and delete them.

  3. Eileen and Carol,
    Thanks for the input. That is how I feel, but I keep wondering if I am wrong. :)

  4. It is very probably either a:

    Phishing attempt to get bank account details from you


    Overpayment scam -- they pay you too much, you send back the extra, then they cancel the original payment

  5. if it sounds too good it probably is...

  6. I was going to echo the above-they are trying to get your paypal info for sure. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
    I like your new header, but can't see it all on the laptop.

  7. Yes, Zoey, I had a request to join a contest for blogging and I could win $1000! Yippee!! First off, I think people need to read my blog by the thousands (ain't gonna happen) and second, how many people are interested in a middle-aged woman whose idea of a good time is cruising abandoned quarries?

    Aren't these gimmicks something else? Thanks for the smiles! Karen

  8. I've had the same offers. Also offers for some people to be able to do guest posts.I just keep doing my blog the way I started.You can't be too careful these days.If it sounds too good to be probably is. Balisha


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