Friday, February 4, 2005

Blue Jean Quilt

For a long time I have been saving old jeans thinking I might one day make a jean quilt. This week I decided to start. With no plan, I just began cutting jeans into squares (I just happened to have a plastic template in a 5-1/2"size, so that is what I used). Once I had a stack of squares, I thought, now what will I do with these?I did not want to do all squares (just too boring), so I decided on this Ohio star. It is a simple design and the 5-1/2" squares were perfect for the triangle portion (just had to slice them diagonally). When I got home from work at 3 p.m. today, I made a quick cardboard template for the 4.5inch squares that I needed for the light colors and cut out just enough to make these four blocks to see if I liked it. I am happy to say that I do--much more than I thought I would. So now I will make many more - I have not yet decided if I will make a king-size quilt (I was considering a much smaller Christmas tree skirt which would look nice with the denim stocking ornaments I made in December). At first I wasn't too keen on a denim cover for my bed, but right now I am liking this design, so who knows what I will end up doing (maybe both)! I will keep you posted as I progress. . . Looks like the log cabin quilt will take a bit longer now that I have started another project!

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