Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Your never too old to learn

Tonight I have a computer class (Excel)at my local community college. The class is three hours long on Tue. and Thurs. nights. I get home from work, make a quick dinner (left over Chicken Florentine from below), a quick clean up and off I go. I am in bed within half an hour of getting home. It makes for a long day. I am glad this is only a 6-week adventure.

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  1. Hi, love the blog - the quilt is stunning. Your days in when it's cold sound like heaven, I too enjoy cosy days indoors. I had to let you know that you DO have a reader - looking forward to the next installment. I'm in the UK, enjoy crafts and home life, cooking etc, so if you'd like to reply to my comment, I'm at stardream2020@yahoo.com. Beautiful garden too. I'm reading other blogs before setting up my own, all the best, Mel


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