Sunday, January 30, 2005

Thank you, Mel!

Someone found me! Thank you Mel in the UK for the comment. I would love to know how you came across my blog, so if you wander in again, please let me know. I spent some time today looking for garden blogs. Did a google search and found a couple. There is just not much garden action this time of the year. I like to see pictures of other people's gardens--long shots, not close up flower pics. I want to see how they have integrated their gardens into the overall landscape. If anyone has found a good site , please let me know. If I ever get time, I will attempt to figure out enough html to get a sidebar with links to the blogs I visit. What is the proper netiquette for doing this? Do you ask the author's permission or just post it?


  1. Hi I'm another Enlander thats found you. Have just taken over small but overgrown garden and am looking forward to turning it into a produce and medicinal herb garden. Good luck. Will pop back to see how you are doing soon.

  2. Welcome Margow. I am so glad to have you visit. Good luck with your new garden.


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