Sunday, February 22, 2015

Winter 2015 Update

We have had miserably cold temps the past few weeks. One day last week it was -22 actual with a -30+ wind chill. Brrrrrrrrrr... 

I have been enjoying this centerpiece that I made from a supermarket bouquet that J brought home two weeks ago.
This rusty centerpiece is actually a candleholder that I bought from Wayfair a few months ago.  I just put in some votive vases filled with water and cut the flower stems down.

I was thinking positive thoughts during the cold spell and ordered flowers for my summer garden. :)  I can't wait to get these beauties:

Little Blue Wonder Sea Holly - it's a miniature...I think I ordered 5 of these. 


I ordered 3 of these White Feather Hosta just because they are so unique.

For the past two days, it's been a Stay-at-Home-Work-on-Quilts weekend.

On Saturday my goal was to make a bench-back pillow out of three bird blocks that I made a few years ago.  I am happy to report that I accomplished that goal. Here is the pillow:

Today I am crawling around on the floor getting this cardinal star quilt "sandwiched" so I can begin to quilt it. 
I am getting way to old to be doing this!

I  hope you are all surviving the winter in whatever state you are in!


  1. Have fun finishing your quilt...that is a lot of work, I know. I can't wait to see your Spring and Summer gardens, Zoey. This has been a really wicked winter. xo Diana

  2. One thing about cold temps and snow it gives us a chance to do some sewing and other things around the house. Love your pillow and quilt.

  3. Well, looks like you've put the cold weather to good use. I wish I could say I've kept myself occupied with creative endeavors, but I cannot.
    I've been eating too much and sitting too much, and frankly, I'm tired of winter and want back outside.
    Your quilt will be lovely---you are very talented!

  4. OOooo I want to try the White Feather Hostas this Year!!! I hope you post how yours are growing this summer. love your gardens...lots of eye candy.
    Have a great week and fingers crossed this cold snap ends soon.

  5. I am quite impressed with your quilting talents! Your pillow of birds is really charming. Dahlias are my favorite flower ever and I hope I can get a proper dahlia garden growing this year. I can't even imagine a winter that cold and hopefully the worst of it will soon be over.

  6. I am going to have to note some of those selections Zoey!! They are beautiful!!! And I am with you on these cold done with them! Those rustic centerpieces are stunning but my goodness.....your quilts are just outstanding!!! Well done friend!! Happy week to you and stay warm! Nicole xo


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