Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year Blog Friends

I am enjoying this flower bouquet during our coldest week yet this winter (below zero) and over 6 inches of snow the past few days. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR....
(I bought the vases from Wayfair.com - Christmas gift to myself. :)  I think I will get a ton of use from it with my garden flowers this summer).

My yard is a beautiful winter wonderland right now.
Hope you are all enjoying 2015!


  1. The flowers sure are bright and cheerful.
    Though the sun has shone the past couple days over here, the winds are ferocious--good hibernating weather!

  2. Sounds and looks like we are enjoying the same weather this morning. I like all the snow insulating my plants from the cold. Maybe I will not lose many plants this winter, not like last winter. I wanted to cry from all the lost plants. LOL! Your vases are so cute. Looks like springtime in your home. Enjoy the color and stay warm.

  3. Hello Zoey girl ! ... I love your vases ... I am going to increase my stock of them too this year I hope.
    You have some really pretty trees covered in sticky snow ... those are the best shots to get I find.
    Our weather is really going to be COLD so my picture taking is limited to the deck door ! haha
    Happy New Year ! all the best for 2015 garden season !
    Joy : )

  4. I love your vases. Immediately I thought the blacksmith could make me one to hold maybe 3 blue mason jars!?!?!

    Your snow looks so pretty. We are under a freezer your butt chill. -0 tomorrow and -8 Thursday
    morning. We aren't use to temps quit this cold!

    Keep warm and Happy New year my blogging/friend/almost sister!

  5. I often wish my garden was snow-covered all winter - it looks so much prettier. Happy New Year! And love the vase!

  6. Your yard looks pretty! We have a few inches. All I can think of the leaves that still need cleaning up.
    I love your little row of vases too. I have one with only 3 jars. It will be fun to mix and match.

  7. Happy New Year! Wishing you and yours the best new year ever. God bless!


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