Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dying Perennials Have Value

I am deriving much pleasure from the dying perennial gardens this year.
I usually have most of it cut down by now, but this year I have done very little clean up.

I think my procrastination paid off! I enjoy taking a peek every time I walk by my bedroom window (it's the only place inside the house where I can see these gardens).

I had quite a few neighbors ask me what the flowers were in this new  roadside garden this year.
Most of my neighbors were not familiar with growing dahlias.  They all wanted them until I mentioned that they had to be dug out of the ground every fall. Suddenly they were all happy just to admire mine as they took their nightly walks down the road.  It is  a pain to do, so I was thrilled to pull into the garage after work and see 4 boxes like this:
Yes, my sweet husband dug them all out today and set them in the garage. Tomorrow he will hose off all the soil and let them dry out a bit before storing them for the winter.

Hope you are all enjoying the month of October in your part of the world.


  1. Hi Zoey
    Even in the off season, your gardens look amazing.
    I stopped cutting stuff down a few years back when I started noticing just how much the little birds loved the seed heads. And whatever doesn't get crushed down by snow also adds some winter interest.
    Lucky you having a hubby that will dig your Dahlias up. May I borrow him a morning or two-LOL?

  2. Loving the look of your fall garden.My grandmother had the most beautiful dahlias...lining the length of her driveway. She dug them up every year into her 80's. They were all the same color...a rosy color. People walked by and snapped pictures all the time.
    I love seeing your gardens all through the year.

  3. Yeah! for remembering passwords! I checked out 10 day forecast and 40 is the low. We are keeping our fingers crossed as we still are getting peppers and occasionally a tomato or too. As usual your flowers are beautiful!

  4. Beautiful foliage! Nice of your husband to dig out the bulbs..sweet indeed!!


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