Monday, July 14, 2014

Is a Cherry Pie Worth This?

Yesterday we decided to find a way to pick the ripe cherries before the birds got them.

So J climbed the ladder while I held a bowl over my head and he dropped the ripe cherries in.....
 then I took them inside, washed them and pitted them...after all that work, we ended up with..... less than two cups of cherries.......
I estimate we need a minimum of 4 cups to make a pie......I decided to freeze these and each day while I am at work,  J  will go out and climb the ladder again and pick the ripe cherries.  I will freeze them all until we get enough. Then I will make a pie crust from scratch...spend another 30 minutes cleaning up the counter and floor from the pie crust debris....put it in the oven....bake it for an will probably overflow and I will have to clean the oven...........Are you kidding me????????????  WHO would do all this work for one cherry pie ???


  1. Maybe you?? I love cherry pie..I think worth the effort once a year.

  2. Hi Zoey-I agree with Balisha--it really is worth the effort--it's just once a year and the taste is AMAZING. And no chemical goo, like the
    store bought pies.

  3. So true!!! Hope you get to enjoy a fresh homemade pie soon!

  4. OMG ! Zoey girl you cracked me up ! I think it is a lot of work too ... but if it tastes super delicious (which you won't know until you do it) it might just be worth it ... yet on the other hand ... hum ... it better taste that good or it is too much work !
    Joy ;-)


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