Friday, May 17, 2013

I Finally Started Working on my Spring Garden

I took a vacation day today just so I  could begin my spring garden chores.  #1  on my list was to completely remove everything from the tiny garden under my living room window.  Last fall I took this pic and placed it in my "to do" file:

There is actually a lot more in this area than you see in this fall photo. It is FULL of Star of
Bethlehem, a lovely white spring flower, but VERY invasive. Years ago my neighbor gave me a sack full of bulbs.  Had I known that they were such invasive thugs, I would never have planted them!   They have taken over every area  I planted them in.  Today, with the help of my recently-retired husband,  I finally removed them from this area. 

Isn't this beautiful? :)

So clean! Underneath the new top soil I planted Tropicannas and yellow calla lilies--not exactly what I had noted on the first photo.  Unfortunately I did not have enough peach cannas to plant this space.  The yellow callas will bloom first and the Tropicannas will have gorgeous foliage with orange blooms in mid-August.   I am excited to see what this new planting will produce!

Just a few feet away from this area I have some yellow tulips in bloom:

It felt so good to be outside working -- even though it was only 60 degrees today.  For me that is the perfect temperature for hard physical outside work.  I dug up a lot of plants today.  My old muscles are complaining just a tad right now. :)

I will show you some other garden areas tomorrow.  I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Oh dear Zoey, I'm thinking you need a massage by now..those muscles are so sore in the beginning of gardening season. You yard will once again be pretty spectacular no matter what you decide to plant.

  2. I think your new garden bed is going to look gorgeous when it is complete! I just replanted two of my garden beds and they are looking fantastic right now even though they will likely be a continual work in progress. I can't wait to see the rest of your garden!

  3. We are 90 and humid today.... Love those tulips

  4. Sounds like that combination of what you planted is going to be beautiful. Nice compliment to one another.
    Cher Sunray Gardens


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