Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Few Spring Flowers

I do love spring flowers!  Here are two different areas with red  tulips & aqua birdhouses:


Yellow tulips and driftwood:

Grape hyacinths:

Grape hyacinths with Primrose & aqua milkcan:

 Who does not LOVE spring flowers?  I think they are my favorites!


  1. Gorgeous!
    What a treat for the senses after this ENDLESS winter!

  2. Hi Sue,
    I agree! It is great to see flowers again.

  3. oey, the colors are fantastic, those red tulips against the blue.


  4. WOW! I just love the contrast of colors in your photos! Your spring flowers look gorgeous paired with that turquoise!!

  5. Everything looks lovely but the color contrast of the red Tulips with the aqua is outstanding.
    Cher Sunray Gardens


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