Saturday, December 1, 2012

Gingerbread Man/Candy Kitchen Christmas Tree

This morning I put up the only Christmas tree I am going to do this year.  It's a skinny 5 ft. tree on the edge of my kitchen counter looking toward the family room.
I put the ornaments on while it sat on the floor. I thought it would be fast and easy, but it took three attempts (with help from DH) to get it on top of the counter.

 Each time ornies fell to the floor, everything was a jumble and I had to redo it.  It ended up taking way more effort than I expected.  At least it will be easy to take down.  I only had to haul up one plastic bin.

It's all decorated with candy ornaments, gingerbread men and cookies (years ago I made all the gingerbread men & cookies).

 The top has a big candy cane with sprigs of red/white lollipops.  I think I bought the sprigs about four years ago and this is the first time I used them.

I put a big bow of the gingerbread man ribbon across the front of the box it sits in to cover the electrical cords.

The only other decorating I am planning to do is to cut down some fresh greens from this border in my yard to make a big arrangement of real greens. 

I may do that tomorrow.  Right now the bushes are covered with snow. Tomorrow it is supposed to be warm enough to melt all the snow.

Have you all been doing Christmas decorating?


  1. I like that tree Zoey. Very pretty and different. It's great you have conifers you can do cuttings on for you decorations too.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Zoey- That is soooo cute. I used to do a Gingerbread tree for my kitchen in my other houses. I did not do one here this year-so at least I can enjoy yours. It was worth all the work because it is darling- xo Diana

  3. S-N-O-W!!!!!!! I only wish, do you know what it was like today to dig out decorations when it was 70 degrees outside? the hubby was cutting up some down tree in his t-shirt, like his white underwear shirt!!

    I am no way close to getting the tree up, but I did pull out, some lights and Christmas curtains.

  4. This is just too sweet! Sorry it wa a pain to get up on the counter, but well worth the effort.

  5. I like it that you are taking it easier this year! Pretty tree, I like gingerbread!

  6. It looks like your tree can be enjoyed from more than the kitchen. I love the idea of a tree for the kitchen...where we spend so much time during the holidays. Enjoy your day.


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