Monday, December 5, 2011

Grocery Bag Gift Wrap with Denim Bow

Who would guess that an old grocery bag and a few strips cut from a leg of jeans
would turn into this cute gift wrap?
I used the bag handle for the to/from tag. The center gold ball is one that broke off some sprigs I used elsewhere. 

The bow making method is the same as the one I showed a couple of days ago, except I did not use a round circle base. I wrapped a piece of denim around the package
and just hot glued the bow pieces to it.

I think it would be a cute wrap for a piece of jewelry for a teenager or for any small gift for a crafty friend.

No need to purchase expensive wrapping paper if you still have a grocery store that gives you brown bags.


  1. This is my kind of wrapping..thanks Zoey, a beautifully wrapped gift that will bring a smile to someone's face!

  2. I love reusing things around the house for wrapping paper...

  3. Very cute! The kids would love this~ xo Diana

  4. Dang girl you can make something out of nothing!


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