Monday, June 9, 2014

I Spent the Weekend Enjoying the Garden

The garden area has improved since my last post. All of the snow and water is gone and the allium I planted last fall is in full bloom.
 Except for the winter burn on all the Alberta Spruces and the  Golden Privet shrubs that appear to be dead, everything else has survived the brutal winter. You can see two of the Privets in the pic above (the tall twigs w/no leaves).  I am giving them another month before I yank them out as I can see a tiny bit of green at the bottom.

 The Alberta Spruces look bad, but I think they will recover. Each day I see more green appearing in the burned areas.

The flowering crab tree was beautiful last week.
Too bad it only stays this color for four days.

This peony is loaded with buds:
I think it likes all the sun it gets now that the every pine tree has been removed from this side of the garden.

J. planted all of his marigolds along the sidewalk to the deck and in the planters on each side. He picked out three different kinds.  He is taking care of them himself and even keeps them dead headed!
I am still waiting for the giant Tropicanna leaves to come out in the urn. It looks pretty sad right now, but it will be overflowing soon with red, purple and orange.

I have a nice little herb pot going strong on the deck:
All in all I am happy with the garden's progress so far this year.  Right now we really, really need some rain. Unfortunately there is none in the forecast for at least three more days. 


  1. Your garden looks beautiful, Zoey! One of my dwarf Alberta spuces had a lot of brown, but it has been replaced by new green growth. I'll bet yours will too.

  2. We are noticing some new growth on the spruces. Now, if I can keep Joe from trimming them this year...they will probably come back.
    Love the colors in your garden at this time of year....and then the change to the vibrant fall colors. Always something to look forward to here.

  3. I would say that your garden is rocking friend! I just love all of the different long views of your garden and the allium are stunning! Happy growing! Nicole xo

  4. Take our rain please!! We've had rain most every day for the pat 10 with it predicted for 3-4 days more.

    As usual your garden is looking good!

  5. It has been raining like crazy here all last night so I will not have to water today! That crab is stunning like cotton candy pink. I was told to cut my dead looking weigela to the ground because all of the top branches were dead, it has now sprouted all new leaves.


  6. lt almost seems we're getting extra good displays on spring bloomers this year--perhaps as a consolation prize for surviving the winter from--well, you know.
    Hope your shrubs fully recover. What a shame that would be to have to replace...............

  7. Sounds like you have loss and some that died at the roots also. I have replaced quite a bit and am waiting on others to grow back from the loss. Hope to not see a Winter like this past one again.
    Cher Sunray Gardens


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