Saturday, August 24, 2013

The dark foliage planter Finally has two Flowers

Tropicana 'Black' is only about 3 ft. tall this year (usually gets over 6 ft) and right now it has one bloom.  I like it short and I like the reddish orange color of the flower:
About two feet higher, Canna 'Wyoming' has its first bloom in a lighter orange:

'Tropicana' still has no buds:
If it ever blooms, it will have a medium orange flower. But even without a flower its striped leaves are stunning.  The purple plant is Persian Shield.

Two weeks ago I bought my first hedge trimmer. 

It's electric with a 100-ft cord.  I'm in love!  I have been trimming all my shrubs with just a small Felco hand pruner for over twenty years.  I had no idea how easy this would be to use and how fast I could trim all the shrubs.  Today I used it to cut down gazillions of daylily foliage.  In less than an hour I cut down more than I used to do in a full day's work.  Love, love, love this tool!! I am sure you all have something like this already. Nobody but me would do all that hand trimming for so many years without one.

I am going to use this cut down all my perennial foliage this fall!


  1. Beautiful color in that first photo!
    Your fall work is going to be a piece of cake with that new trimmer.

  2. Wow those photos are breathtaking. What a fantastic combination Zoey. I think I would like the Canna shorter. You must do this combination again.

    It's funny you brought up the hedge trimmer. I was going to get up when I can to get one. I also prune. After just doing my Heather Hill and my back, hands and knees all being sore, I decided it's time. What brand did you get?
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. At our last house, we had scrubs and I think that was the trimmed we used. I loved it.

    Your colors are beautiful!

  4. Gorgeous blooms!
    Watch the cord for the new wedge trimmers and wear heavy gloves. They are great to have!


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