Monday, January 14, 2013

My January so Far...

I hope you all have been having a good January.  I have not been doing much of anything worthy of a blog post. 

One day last week I spent two hours mending bathmats and a few towels for the hotel.
Can you believe the terry products arrive brand new looking like this?
We are not purchasing discount quality linens. In fact our brand mandates a certain thread count, which is a very nice terry towel.  Unfortunately the company that has our worldwide multi-million dollar contract does not appear to be deserving of it.  I hope the ultra BigWig decision makers of our franchise find a new supplier soon! 

Since the new year began, I have been in the mood to sew a little something.  Last week I found this Halloween pattern at a site called Artisania.  She drafted the pattern herself and generously shares it with all of us for free. This is my somewhat flawed rendition:

I think she is kinda cute, don't you?  I have no idea what I will use her for, but I am getting quite a few Halloween blocks. I may make dining room chair backs with each chair having a different block.  I will do that right after I finish the 4 or 5 quilts that are next in line to be worked on.
We have no snow on the ground. It's another strange winter in northern Michigan. We had some snow, but it all melted during last week's rain.  I took this pic on Saturday when it was 55 degrees here.
I am hoping we get some snow soon as my garden needs a good snow cover. Without snow, I am likely to lose quite a few perennials. Did you notice the turkeys way in back in the above picture? Here's a close up:
They come around every afternoon about 3:30 p.m.   These days I am never home to see them at that time unless it's a weekend.

Last week  a little package appeared on my desk at work from my favorite clothing retailer.  Inside I found these items:

The middle sweater has an interesting metal detail all around its center.   I would never pay full price ($99), but it was quite reasonable at the sale price.

I ordered two sets of the little Christmas clothespins. They have holiday words like "believe" and "joy" across their tops.  They will be cute to attach Christmas cards to a piece of wire or rope.

I do love a good closeout sale!
I hope your January has been wonderful.


  1. Very cute stuff.. Quality just isn't what it used to be

  2. Nice seeing a post from you.
    Could you complain to the towel company for such raggedy products? I know hotel towels really go through the ringer (literally).
    The turkeys are neat to see! And I can't believe how little snow you and Carole have had.
    The clothes and pins are nice! I also love those kind of sales.

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  4. Hi Zoey- I kind of wondered where you were! We don't have much snow left here either- it has been a very weird winter. We didn't get that temp but we were up to 41 which is high for us...and now we are in the low teens...ugh. I wish winter was behind me. I really think that witch block is cute-great idea for a backer for each chair- xo Diana

  5. I wondered where you've been. You even have some green grass there!
    I like your outfits and the clothespins are so cute.
    Have a good week.

  6. We had snow on the ground for a couple weeks which is way different than last year. Finally melted the last couple days with the warm up and all the rain. Hope this helped the water table a lot.

    Like the new clothes Zoey and the little witch is really cute.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  7. Sure good to hear from you again see what you've been up to. Towel mending was the last thing I would have thought you were doing:)
    We had lots of snow last weekend which is good for spring moisture. The blizzard that came with it was not so great!
    Nice tops and cute clothes pins!
    What a treat to have the turkeys in your backyard.

  8. Thanks for the new paper piece site!

    I can't believe those new towels come like that. It just goes to show you things aren't made like they use to be.

    I read a blog last week, where the gal makes all her home wash clothes out of old towels. She used a serger, (of which I don't have one) but she thought a close zig zag stitch would work out just as good. She told how much cheaper it was. Penneys compared to new ones.


  9. Like your new header (yeah, it's been awhile since my last visit)
    The horse giving you a shoulder nudge is very cute.


  10. At least you did something constructive, Zoey. I spend most of January trying to get Christmas put away - finally succeeded last week. Love your new clothes and yes some of those online deals have been great!

  11. Zoey,
    just dropping in to make sure you are still blogging and keeping Coldwater in business!
    Good to see you are doing both!
    Visiting our blogger pals, I've read some sad news and was glad to see you are well, quilting and staying busy with work.
    Back soon,

  12. Hi Zoey, How has winter been lately? We had snow here in Wisconsin, and then it melted, but now has made a return visit to the tune of 10" last week and it's snowing right now, too. Personally, I like snow in the winter (not in May!) when it should be here.

    I love your new clothes and pins, you're so stylish.

    And those towels, isn't that something? Half the time I have to fix clothes I buy even before I wear them.

    Hope all is well!


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