Saturday, December 26, 2009

Done with Santa, Now Bring on the Easter Bunny!

I suppose it is a little early for most people, but today DH and I took down the tree and all the Christmas decorations.

I started at 6:00 a.m. with the entertainment center. I was finished taking it all down in less than half an hour. I packed it all up and then had to wait a couple of hours until DH got up to do the tree. I wanted him to help haul up (and back down to the basement) the storage totes.

Working together we had it all done by noon.

While putting the totes away, I spotted a box with two wooden Easter bunnies that I had planned to repaint.

Why not today?

I brought them up to the dining room (covered the table with an old blanket that was already full of paint splatters) and spent an hour or so happily repainting them. Now I have a bright pink table, a chocolate bunny and a purple bunny to use in my Easter decorations. Once I have a mess in progress, I try to find other things that need doing. I decided to "pewterize" three frames that I have too much white. I never plan these things...I mean, really, who would be thinking of Easter bunnies the day after Christmas? This stuff just pops into my mind and I jump up and do it. I've always been this way............But I digress...........I decided the frames needed help and went down to the basement to find some paint. I saw this dimensional fabric paint called "pewter" and thought I would give it try.
I just squeezed it on the frame, like this:
Then used a small paint brush to blend it in. . . and....Voila! The frames resemble pewter! I think it looks so much better!

Now I have an empty space where the tree was. I think I will leave the side panels off for the winter. I like to let in all the light I can this time of the year.

I may bring up a desk from the basement to put in front of the window. I could use the desk area for a jigsaw puzzle. I always think that, but it's been years since I've actually done a puzzle.

Tonight I don't have to cook a thing for dinner. We are having leftover turkey sandwiches--can't wait! That's what I missed about not cooking for Thanksgiving.


  1. The Easter bunny?! You are in a rush for spring! I have a family party on New Years Day so I leave the decorations up until then. Cute game ideas for your party. Happy New Year! Jean

  2. Zoey you are the energizer bunny!! Can't believe you did all that..I'll just sit back and marvel at your energy and hope some flows this way!
    Leftover turkey here too..yummy and so many meals to make from it. And then the last of the turkey will give one fine pot of borsht!

  3. Hi Jean,
    No, I am not ready for spring yet. I will pack those bunnies back in the box later tomorrow (after they are fully dry)and just enjoy the cold and snow while hand quilting one of the pieced tops I finished last spring.

    Betty, I have never heard of turkey in brosht??? Are we talking about the same soup.......beet soup?

  4. Hi Zoey! I am with ya. I wish my tree was gone and with it my bad attitude. My husband is the only reason any decorations are out! We have blue lights on the evergreens and red and white lites around the door and I don't even care. The neighbor says it's subtly patriotic. Spring can never come soon enough!

  5. wow Zoey you do plan ahead...I did get all the christmas decorations at my father in laws put up and the tree down today...will take mine down tomorrow...didn't do much decorating at my house this year since we weren't going to be there

  6. I have heard so many say this was the year of the Grinch. I'm so happy you had a good Christmas.

  7. Zoey..I make a turkey borsht with cabbage but beets might be good too.

  8. Hi Sissy,
    I have heard so many people say they did not have the spirit this year......I wonder why?

    Deb, I just knew I was not the only person taking down the tree so early!

    Sally, I hope you had a good one, too!

    Ah, Betty, a cabbage base makes more sense with turkey. I bet it's delicious!


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