Friday, December 5, 2008

Gingerbread Men & Lollipop Christmas Tree

Since I had the day off, I decided to use the lollipops I bought months ago and do a quick kitchen tree.

I had a casualty when I tried to put the biggest gingerbread man on the top.

Rest in peace.

Here is it when I thought it was finished.

Then I decided to add a big double wooden candy cane to the top. A friend made it for me years ago and it makes a great topper for a candy-themed Christmas tree.

There done. It didn't take much time at all this morning -- less than an hour and that included hauling the stuff up and back down to the basement. The tree was already up and fully decorated. It used to be on top of the kitchen counter, very close to the big tree so I had to similarly decorate it. I didn't really like there. So I moved it. Then I just pulled off the glass balls and added the lollipops, etc.

Here is where it is in located to the main tree now.
It's far enough away that the lollipops don't clash. You can only see both trees as you enter the kitchen from this direction.

This is what I see this morning every time I walk in the kitchen to get a cup of coffee.


  1. The lollipop tree is so cute! I love that you have little photo ornaments on it too. I also like that you have glitz and glamor in your living room and fun and whimsy in your kitchen-a little of both.
    I did my mantel and front window today while hoping and praying for my mom-best to keep busy (she's doing good in recovery as I type). I'm not finished yet, but will share a bit when I am. I like to do the Blogger Home Tour on the 15th and will share more then.

  2. Wouldn't that be "Rest in pieces"?

  3. I so love your candy tree! What a delightful idea. Oh dear, poor gingerbread man...he was so cute too! lol

    Your pink and gold tree is truly beautiful and I love the chair back throws you made...perfect finishing touch!! xoxo

  4. Di,
    Those are pictures of my son at Christmas time each year. I always find a tree to hang them on. I have been gone for the past two days, so I haven't been to your blog to find out about your Mom. I hope sure is OK.

    Karen, That would have been perfect. I wish I had thought of it!!

    Pea, Thank you.

  5. Your trees are absolutely incredible. :-)


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