Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Sunflower Christmas Tree

Now this is a tree that I like.
All sunflowers and beaded fruit.
I am especially fond of the twine garland one of my co-workers crocheted for me last year.

I had such a busy day at work today. I forgot I had some League of Women Voter Ladies coming in to discuss a convention in 2007. That took up a good hour of tree-triming time. Then I had 4 hockey team meals booked for next weekend and a hospital Christmas party to do contracts for, and numerous phone calls getting menus, etc. for other Christmas parties. The day just flew by. Needless to say, I only got one tree done again.

I came home, changed clothes and immediately started making my two pumpkin pies. They are in the oven now.

It is a cold, snowy day here. It would have been a perfect day to stay inside and cook Thanksgiving items all day long instead of having to rush, rush, rush.


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